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Hello there! Welcome to Tony’s Studio, I’m Tony Skywalker, a.k.a. Lord Turmoil. 👻

I’m a …

  • 💻 Computer fanatic.
  • 🎧 Music hobbyist.
  • 🌌 Star Wars lover.
  • 🎮 Kane’s Wrath amateur.


I am an undergraduate at Beihang University, majoring in Software Engineering. I enjoy programming and have a passion for design patterns. My research interests include program analysis, automated programming, and compiler technology, where I continually seek to advance my knowledge. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am a dedicated music enthusiast, a saxophone amateur, and a devoted Star Wars fan.

Teaching Assistant Experience

  • Compiler Technology (2024 Autumn) (In coming…)
  • Operating Systems (2024 Spring)
  • Object Oriented Programming (Java) (2023 Autumn)
  • Programming Practice (2023 Summer)


  • Game & Desktop
    • Dungeon (GitHub) [2023] - A 2D rogue-like game powered by my own game engine in C++
    • PseudoFTP [2024] - A utility to transfer files using HTTP protocol when FTP is not available
  • Web
  • Backend
    • Beyond Search Engine [2023] - Search service for a paper platform using Elasticsearch with ASP.NET Core
    • Paper Fives [2022] - A paper platform backend using Django with MySQL and Elasticsearch



HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript React XAML


.Net Core Spring Django MySQL Redis Elastic Search Nginx Docker Kubernetes


C C++ C# Java Python

This blog contains mostly my experiences and skills sharing, personal thoughts, and some other interesting stuff. Have fun exploring! 😉